A few new things

Last week was the release of Legend of the 5 Rings: Harbinger. I earned enough money that I went out and bought games that I should have had! The following are now on the shelf: Planet Steam Imperial 2030 Dungeon … Continue reading

This week

Up Coming special events: Saturday the 30th we will be running a Warmachine Game using the new rule set. Also, this will become a regular Tuesday night event. Sunday the 31st we up the Escalation League to 800 points. Tuesday, … Continue reading

Shadowfist Saturday

By popular demand there will be a Shadowfist event on Feb 13. Shadowfist is the mile-a-minute, sword-clashing, butt-kicking, Uzi-spraying, boat-exploding, car-chasing, monster-crunching, Hong Kong cinematic action card game that is so epic it would take fourteen John Woos to film … Continue reading