Feeding Hills Kotei

Congratulations to the 7th Dimension Legend of the Rings players up in Feeding Hills MA for the Kotei. Currently our own Jon Palmer and Sean James are playing in the top 4. Update: Sean made it to the top 2. … Continue reading

This week

Friday, John Benett has offered to run a D&D game. If you are interested, let me know. Bob Fanelli has said he is interested in running a D&D 3.5 campaign on every other Sunday. We haven’t settled on a first … Continue reading

This week

Recently, I’ve had a number of people ask about playing D&D or other RPGs in the store. However, no one has asked about running an RPG! If you’d care to run a campaign, or a few scenarios, I’d love to … Continue reading

Results of FOW battles

During the last day of the 800 point armies: Carl’s Italians lost to Pete’s Germans (the Italians died amazingly fast 2 vs 7) Motostrlkov beat the Vanatorite de Munte (Gary’s Russians beat Chris’s Romanians, 6 vs 3). Bob’s Americans won … Continue reading

FOW results

Rich’s 21st DAK beat Gary’s army (6v3) Colin’s Fallschimjager beat Ken’s British rifles (6v3) Butch’s British 8h army beat Gary’s Russians (7v2) New scores: Rich 14 Bob 14 Chris 14 Pete 14 Colin 12 Gary 11 Tom 10 Butch 7 … Continue reading

This week

Starting this Thursday (and continuing every other) there will be a Celestial Legal Pack tournament, the $4 entry fee covers a booster and the chance to win a promotional card. We are introducing a Warmachine special; buy one-get-one on the … Continue reading