Selling your board games on comission

We have a used game section! Each item (or set of items) has an accompanying condition report, completed by the seller, full of helpful information about the games’ condition and completeness.

Note that all payment will be in store credit only.

A seller is limited to four items for sale in our Used Games section. A seller may create a bundled set (a game and its expansions) as a single item. Note that we count a bundle as a single item. These items will be shrink-wrapped together and presented and sold as a single item.

The seller must complete a Used Game Form for each item sold. You can download this form and bring or e-mail it in, or we will have copies available at the store. The seller is expected to be honest about the condition of their item. 7th Dimension Games staff will review the Form and suggest changes if we deem them appropriate. These forms will be available to view by potential buyers.

The seller determines a single asking price for the item. Please mark your sale price in whole dollars if possible (but this is not required). This price will be non-negotiable and 7th Dimension Games will only sell that item at that price. We will not break up item sets.

Shortly after submission, we will attach a Used Game Sale Card to the item and shrink wrap the item before shelving. This note includes the asking price of the game and a summary of the Form condition report.

Once shelved, an item will be given at least 60 days to sell. After that time, 7th Dimension Games may ask that the seller take the item back. An unsold item may not be submitted for sale again for at least another 60 days.

Upon the sale of an item, the buyer will be given 3 days to return the item if he or she does not agree with the Form condition report. This is the only condition under which we will accept a used game return.

Three days after the sale (or as soon as possible), the seller will receive a store credit for 80% of the asking price of the item, as submitted by the seller. 7th Dimension Games will collect and remit the Pennsylvania Sales Tax associated with the purchase. 7th Dimension Games has the right to refuse to accept any item due to demand, condition, appropriateness, existing copies already for sale, or any other reason.

A Used Game is sold on consignment and remains the property of the original owner until such a time as it sells or is removed from circulation. 7th Dimension Games does not purchase used games for resale.

7th Dimension Games will assume responsibility for the care of item while in our possession.