An official Catalyst Game Lab rep will be giving a demo for the BattleTech miniature game on Tuesday the 19th at 6PM. “The BattleTech/MechWarrior universe is a dynamic setting where star empires wage endless war for domination, sending MechWarrior-knights and … Continue reading

Fanelli returns

The Battle of Bushy Run took place August 5-6, 1763 in western Pennsylvania, between Pontiac’s Indian confederation and a force composed of Highlanders and the 60th Royal American Regiment. On Saturday the 23rd, Bob Fanelli will be running his famous … Continue reading

This week

Coming up on Saturday January 30th we will be running a Warmachine Game using the new rule set. If you know you need a book or deck of cards, let me know so that I can pre-order everything. This week: … Continue reading

Exciting times

Yesterday we finally had a game of Arcane Legion occur, and it was declared to be good! We’ll expect more of them in the future. Today the first battle in the Mid-War Flames of War escalation league is just about … Continue reading