News 2/13-19/2012

So far we have had 7 players earn points in the Warmachine League for War Torn Alliances. The cost is $5 to join. Special rules are posted on the Warmachine site. Feel free to use our forums to arrange matches on any day until March 4th.

Note that this Sunday we’ll be running the Domination Release Event and our Pressganger will be available to answer any questions and what not.

Saturday at noon we will be running the L5R Emperor Edition Release Event. Details TBA.

A reminder, each time you teach a board game at the store, bring the receipt for the game to the counter. If it is not listed on our blog then we’ll mark the receipt and give you a 20% discount on the next board game you buy.

Apparently, starting the Magic Draft on Wednesday at 6:30 is failing us. Starting this week, we are pushing it back to 7:00 sharp.

The Future

AEG has contacted us about a Thunderstone Advanced pre-release game day. Most likely this will be on Mar 3. Anyone that plays will get a free mini-expansion.

On March 5th we will be starting our Flames of War Escalation league. Battlefront will be releasing new rule sheets soon and we’ll post them when we get them. We still have some of the new mini-rules available for free, just bring in your old rules to get your sticker.

This week

  • Monday: Evening Casual magic.
  • Tuesday: Evening – open boardgames
  • Wednesday: Paint Club. Magic Draft – seating at 7:00. D&D Encounters 6:30
  • Thursday: L5R
  • Friday: 6:30 call opponents for FNM
  • Saturday: L5R Emperor Edition Sealed Deck Event 12:00; Late afternoon and evening open board games
  • Sunday: Flames of War; Hordes Domination Event

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