MORE Kaladesh Events

This Friday night, at 7PM, for FNM, we are offering both Sealed (from the prerelease boxes) and Draft. We will be capping the events at a total of 40 players, so we are giving you the chance to sign up online or in store. Our usual flat prizes for prereleases will be used for the sealed event.

Saturday, Oct 1, we are holding Magic Customer Appreciation Day. Come in, give us your DCI number, find an opponent, and play a game – we will give you a free pack of Kaladesh!

Monday night, October 3, at 7PM, the Planeswalkers for Diversity will be holding a Wizard’s Tower event. We’ll open a Bundle (the new replacement for Fat Packs) and play a wacky game where everyone has one deck to draw from.

We hope to see you there!

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