Magic for Joey

Join us for a weekend of Magic for Joey Benefit Draft Tournament featuring Streets of New Capenna Sunday, June 5th Seating limited to 24, proof of vaccination required 100% of proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide … Continue reading

Magic Game Day

This Sunday, 5/15, at 1 PM we will be running Magic Game Day. It will be our usual draft, but extra promos. All participants will receive Power Word Kill, top 8 will receive Skyclave Apparition, and undefeated will receive All-Seeing … Continue reading

Modern Horizon 2

During prerelease, on June 11th, we will be able to pick up the newest Magic set, Modern Horizon 2. For that week, only Set Booster Boxes and Prerelease Packs will be available. On June 18th, we will also be selling … Continue reading