D&D event

If you were a DM for our Wednesday night D&D sessions, please contact the store. We are trying to plan out July’s reopening. Feel free to contact us with reasonable questions: staff@7thDimensionGames.com, on our discord site, or on our Facebook … Continue reading

In store events

Starting in July, we will be slowly opening for in-store events. If you wish to participate, we will ask you to voluntarily show your vaccination record. After showing us that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, we will allow you … Continue reading

Modern Horizon 2

During prerelease, on June 11th, we will be able to pick up the newest Magic set, Modern Horizon 2. For that week, only Set Booster Boxes and Prerelease Packs will be available. On June 18th, we will also be selling … Continue reading

Are you running games yet?

The governor of Pennsylvania has stated that the mask order will be lifted when 70% of Pennsylvanians have taken a COVID vaccine. Rather than actively police people, asking for proof of vaccine and continuously asking people to adjust their mask, … Continue reading

Strixhaven Prerelease

Friday April 16th is the prerelease for Strixhaven, the latest set for Magic the Gathering. Unlike previous sets, there will be Set Booster Boxes available at prerelease, the draft boxes won’t be available until the following week. There will be … Continue reading