News 2/21-27/2011

This Saturday is EPGS Saturday for board games all day.

Also at 1, Bob Fanelli will be running a Gladiator miniatures game starting at 1PM. It will involve man to man combat, and perhaps a general tourney using the Arena Games rules and the handsome figures Frank Anderson painted. The game is open to all and rules will be taught as the game goes.

Simultaneous there will be a World of Warcraft Booster draft.

A reminder, we recently had two people towed from VFW lot during a large event. Since we don’t own that space, you may park there at your own risk.

Magic players, we have two new promo cards, Master’s Call and Plague Myr. The only way to get them is to play a casual game anytime on Tuesday or Wednesday night on the off week for the draft. If you play Archenemy, you’ll also get the Archenemy promo card.

Jim Ruh has started a homebrewed campaign for D&D 3.5 called Emerald Isles at 1:00 on Sundays. He currently has 3 players. If you are interested in joining, drop me a note.

The Future

In June we will be hosting Free RPG day, so we will be needing GMs that day.

This week

  • Tuesday: 6:00 open board games.
  • Wednesday: the figure painters will be working. There will be a Magic draft, registration at 6:30.
  • Thursday: Legend of the 5 Rings CCG
  • Friday: 6:30 Friday Night Magic, Two Headed Giant – Type II Standard
  • Saturday: EPGS Saturday. Warhammer 40k in the morning; WoW TCG Draft at 1 also Bob Fanelli’s Gladiator Game. Open board games in the evening.
  • Sunday: Flames of War

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