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  1. Glenn,

    Glad to see things are moving along. I have experience creating websites and know several graphic designers. Let me know if you need some help on that front.


  2. I just visited the store today before it opened they said their opening tomorrow and I saw that they were carrying booster boxes and board games also their gonna have singles but there not gonna have them tommorow but their comin’soon

    • Actually, the TimeZone was set up wrong. The time shown was the time in Greenwich. I’ve corrected the time.

  3. Happy Soft Opening, Glen!

    Perfect timing to have it on the 13th! Will there be an official mirror smashing too?


  4. i just visited the store today and there were ppl playing card games and i got 2 pokemon rising rivals packs and no lv.x T_T the rares i got were just arcanine holo and raichu gl……..