News 5/23-29/2011

We will be operating on a normal schedule for Memorial weekend. Don’t forget we are currently open Monday night from 5 to 9 to see if it can become a thing.

The Future

June 4th we will be hosting the Call of Cthulhu LCG Regional Qualifier.

June 18th is Free RPG day, so we will be needing GMs that day. If you’d like to run an event, please add your info to our Facebook event.

This week

Monday: 5:00 Whatever you make of it.

Tuesday: 5:00 Yu-gi-oh tournament. Open board games all evening.

Wednesday: the figure painters will be working. Magic players are welcome to bring in their EDH, Vintage or Legacy decks for casual play.

Thursday: Legend of the 5 Rings CCG

Friday: 6:30 Friday Night Magic, Two Headed Giant Type II Standard

Saturday: Warhammer 40k and Spartan Games in the morning; WoW TCG. Open board games in the evening.

Sunday: Warmachine

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