News 8/1-7/2011

Our phone problems are finally fixed! Feel free to call us and we’ll answer the phone.

We will now announce our 2 frequent buyer plans. The first one works for everyone: show us receipts from our Jenkintown store for $70 of full priced items, and you’ll get 10% off your entire next purchase (some restrictions apply).

The second plan for our boardgame players is called First Teacher (although we may rename it when we figure out something catchy) .

  1. Buy a game at our Jenkintown store, be sure to save the receipt
  2. Be the first one to play the game in store, while teaching it to a new player (solitaire games do not count). We will mark your receipt for the game.
  3. Get a 20% discount off your next board game.

For now any game is available for this program. After the First Teacher has taught a game, we’ll add it to the list of game that are no longer count for the discount. Our goal is to see how many unique games we can have run in the store for the rest of the year.
We’ve got 2 things scheduled for this Saturday. At noon, a new GM is hosting the D&D Game Day for Neverwinter. You’ll make be making characters as part of the event. The characters can be used for the D&D Encounters that we will start running on Wednesday nights.

At 5PM, a Z-Man demo rep will be on site to show us the board game Grimoire.

We need to find a less expensive way to do t-shirts, the Cafe Press ones are too expensive for the pre-order quantity I am getting.

Instead of a t-shirt, you can go with an embroidered store logo like the one I’ve been wearing. For $20 each I could order a batch of these shirts from Queensboro. They are definitely stylish enough to wear at any business casual job.

We are still calling Monday “Multiplayer Monday” we’ll see if it turns into a thing. If you have a better suggestion, we have extra tables for you to see if it works.

The Future

  1. Aug 10th, D&D Encounters starts
  2. Aug 13th is the Magic Game Day
  3. Aug 14th will be the Warmachine Wrath Book release party
  4. Aug 20th is Shadowfist Saturday
  5. Sept 10th Magic Celebration
  6. Dec 3rd L5R Storyline Event

This week

  1. Monday: 12-9 Multi-player Monday (if that becomes a thing)
  2. Tuesday: Evening – open board games
  3. Wednesday: Paint Club. Magic players will be having a draft – registration at 6:30.
  4. Thursday: Legend of the 5 Rings CCG
  5. Friday: 6:30 Friday Night Magic – Two Headed Giant
  6. Saturday: Warhammer 40k and Spartan Games in the morning; WoW TCG. Call of Cthulhu LCG in the afternoon. Open board games in the evening – we’re getting crowded on Saturday nights – we love it.
  7. Sunday: Warmachine

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