News 9/19-9/25/2011

We had a customer looking to play (or possibly run) a Pathfinder game, and another looking to run D&D 3.5. If you want me to swap your e-mail address, please let me know.

This week we have several special events.

Friday, our FNM will be 2-Headed Giant, since this is the last week of FNM for this month (the release is next week).

This Saturday at 11:30 we will be passing out the cards for the Magic Innistrad Two Headed Giant Pre-Release. $20 to play, teams get 8 packs to build their 2 decks. Each team wins 2 packs per round won.

At 1PM will be the World of Warcraft Draft tournament.

Saturday night at 5, we will have a demo of Quest: A Time of Heroes presented by Z-Force.

Sunday at 11:30 we will be passing out the cards for the sealed deck Magic Innistrad Two Headed Giant Pre-Release. $25 gets you 6 packs. You can win a pack for each match (best 2 out of 3) that you win.

7th Dimension Games has decided to hire one additional staffer to train before the Christmas rush. The position is 5-10 hours a week at minimum wage. Applicants should submit their resume in person at the store. You must be 18 and have reliable transportation.

We have two discount programs, both rely on you keeping your receipts. Any time you have a receipt for at least $70 of product at full price, or multiple receipts that add up to $70 of product at full price, bring them in for a 10% discount on your next purchase. We’ll mark the receipts as used, so they can’t be used again.

The second program is called First Teacher. Buy a game and be the first person to teach that game to another customer in the store. Let us mark your receipt to show that you taught the game. The next game you buy, you’ll get a 20% discount. The list of games no longer eligible is here.

The Future

We had a few Magic p.ayers ask to start FNM earlier. If people agree, in October, we will start trying to call first round at 6:30.

Friday the 30th, will be the Innistrad sealed release event.

Dec 3rd Tanukifest, the L5R weekend.

This week

  • Monday: still looking for the right thing
  • Tuesday: Evening – open board games
  • Wednesday: Paint Club. Magic Draft – registration at 6:30. D&D Encounters 6:30
  • Thursday: Legend of the 5 Rings CCG
  • Friday: 6:30 Friday Night Magic Type II standard
  • Saturday: Magic 2 Headed 11:30 card distribution; WoW Draft at 1; Open board games in the evening.
  • Sunday: Magic Pre-Release 11:30 card distribution, Flames of War


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  1. Re: D & D game – please feel free to share our email, thanks.

    We keep trying to make it to the Wed night D & D but by the time we get home from work, eat etc we can never make it by 6:30.