Shadowfist Saturday

By popular demand there will be a Shadowfist event on Feb 13.

Shadowfist is the mile-a-minute, sword-clashing, butt-kicking, Uzi-spraying, boat-exploding, car-chasing, monster-crunching, Hong Kong cinematic action card game that is so epic it would take fourteen John Woos to film and a cast the likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh. And that’s just in the first five minutes!

It’s like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hard Boiled, Drunken Master, Wing Chun, The Killer, Storm Riders, Heroic Trio, Iron Monkey, Supercop, Master Killer, Ballistic Kiss, and the rest of your favorite Hong Kong action films all rolled into one.

Tournament will be conducted in Final Brawl format. Each round will be 3-4 player multiplayer swiss (depending upon attendance and will have a 1 hour time limit), with match points to be used to determine winner and tie-breaks in the event of time being called on a game. Deck format is constructed decks with no restrictions (still no more than five copies of each card except for “No Max” cards).

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