This week

Up Coming special events:

Saturday the 30th we will be running a Warmachine Game using the new rule set. Also, this will become a regular Tuesday night event.

Sunday the 31st we up the Escalation League to 800 points.

Tuesday, Feb 2, there is a BattleTech demo at 6. We have a few players coming and an official Catalyst Representative who will be running the event.

The usual schedule:

Tuesday: Magic in the afternoon continues. At 6 we will be starting open board games – if you have a request for a specific game, feel free to ask. A few Warmachine people may also be in.

Wednesday night, the figure painters will continue to laugh at my attempts to paint my RoboRally figures.

Thursday, we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings and World of Warcraft CCGs.

Friday, starting at 6:30 we will be running Magic.

Saturdays are always busy:

10AM: Pokemon
11AM: AT-43
Noon: Monsterpocalypse – every player earns a prize!
1:00 Warmachine
3:00 PM Arcane Legions
5 or 6 as the crowd filters out, we have open board games. The game cabinet is full of interesting things, and you can feel free to bring your own.

Sunday the Flames of War Mid-War Escalation League continues with 600 point armies.

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