News 1/2/2012-17/2012

First, we would like to thank you for a great 2011. The move to our new location seems to have pleased most people and our newcomers have said they like the space and the people that we have managed to gather together. So thanks for being part of our community.

Boardgamers should note that we move a bunch of games to a discount shelf. Come in and peruse the selection.

Tomorrow, Monday, we have some Warmachine players coming in for the afternoon. If you have the day off, feel free to stop in.

We have two discount programs, both rely on you keeping your receipts. Any time you have a receipt for at least $70 of product at full price, or multiple receipts that add up to $70 of product at full price, bring them in for a 10% discount on your next purchase. We’ll mark the receipts as used, so they can’t be used again.

The second program is called First Teacher. Buy a game and be the first person to teach that game to another customer in the store. Let us mark your receipt to show that you taught the game. The next game you buy, you’ll get a 20% discount. The list of games no longer eligible is here:

The Future

  • Tuesday the 10th Malifaux demo – we will have one of the Wyrd Henchmen on site.
  • Saturday the 21st 12:00 Malifaux demo – we will have one of the Wyrd Henchmen on site.
  • January 28th – Magic Pre-Releases for Dark Ascension, Sealed Two Headed Giant
  • January 29th – Magic Pre-Releases for Dark Ascension, Sealed followed by 2 Headed.
  • Feb 3 – Dark Ascension Launch Party

This week

  • Monday: afternoon Warmachine, Evening Casual magic
  • Tuesday: Evening – open boardgames
  • Wednesday: Paint Club. Magic Draft – seating at 6:30. D&D Encounters 6:30
  • Thursday: L5R
  • Friday: 6:30 call opponents for FNM
  • Saturday: Noon – WoW Core Challenge; Afternoon, Evening open board games
  • Sunday: Warmachine

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