Today’s FOW Escalation

21st DAK defeated the Romanian Escadron (Rich beat Chris 7 to 2)

The US demoralized the Russians (Tom beat Gary 6 3).

The Germans trounced the other Germans (Bob 7 Colin 2)

Romanian Escadron took out the US Airborne beat (Chris 6 to Tom 2)

New totals:

Butch 1
Carl 2
Erik 2
Nick 6
Tom 10
Colin 10
Gary 11
Rich 14
Bob 14
Chris 14
Pete 14


Today’s FOW Escalation — 3 Comments

  1. What determines tie breakers at the end or are we going to use these results for 1st round tournament placements?

  2. Right. Well we have at least 2 more point bumps to see if anything shakes out on the leader board.