It’s gonna be the future soon

Wednesday, the figure painters will be in the store doing what they do best.

Thursday, we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings.  This week will be open play, hopefully for the following weeks I’ll be able to organize a tournament.

Friday, will be Friday Night Magic.  I registered with them, but haven’t heard back yet.  I’m pretty sure we can make it official.

Saturday morning at 10 will be Pokemon, if we get enough players.  Noon will be an actual Monsterpocalypse tournament (everyone can thank Stewart for that).    At 3 there will be open play for L5R.  Around 5 or 6 we will start getting the board game people to come in and play some games,  both new and old.

Sunday December 13th will be a Flames of War tournament.  So, you might want to play this Sunday in preparation.

The store is open on Tuesdays now, and I have a few options, but we’ll do whatever the crowd requests.


It’s gonna be the future soon — 8 Comments

  1. Hey Glen, Dave here. I wanted to ask how many you are expecting for L5R and if you have been able to ge the Celestial Starter Decks yet.

    Also we used to play WoW TCG on Thursdays and wanted to know if you still planned on supporting the WoW TCG. I’d like to try and get people back in and Thursdays were good but I wanted to know if Thursday was good for the shop?

    Let me know.

    • The L5R crew are all just promises at this point, so I don’t know how many will be here. If you can get a crowd to come for WoW, we will run that at the same time!

  2. Glen, Dave again. I sent out a feeler e-mail today to the WoW players so I hope to hear back soon. I’ll let you know how it pans out.

    Any update on the Celestial L5R Starters?

  3. “It’s gonna be the future soon”! A Jonathan Coulton reference?!?

    Well now I MUST visit your shop. I just ran across the website and was browsing the old blog posts. Do you carry Cheapass Games stuff? Any sports games/gamers in the shop? APBA or Strat?

    • Although I love them, since CheapAss shutdown, I haven’t bother to stock anything.

      Sorry, there are no sport gamers in the store.

    • I forgot to mention that I ran merchandise for Jonathan Coulton for his gig at Sellersville a couple years back.