Flames of War Escalation scoring

This year the scoring for our escalation league has changed a bit. During this first period, players get 2 points for a win, one for a loss. An additional point is added each time you play a new player. Each player’s best game at this level, based on the 7 point scoring in the book, is then added to the total.

Current standings are:

  1. Bob 24
  2. Alex 23
  3. Butch 22
  4. Pete S 19
  5. JT 18
  6. Gary 17
  7. Pete D 15
  8. Colin 12


Flames of War Escalation scoring — 5 Comments

  1. Holy moley! I missed two weeks, and looks like I am already out of contention. Oh well. Next year!

  2. Plenty of chance to get into the mix Chris and Rich…at this level points build quickly at first and then stagnate. Come in on a Sunday and start getting games in. With your best “actual” score being the one that is fully recorded for the month, the more games you play the more chance you get to win with a 6-1 score. We are playing again in May and I know that I will miss one whole week and weekend during that month. Not everyone is going to be there every weekend, so the sooner you start playing the faster you will catch up. Also in the higher point levels wins and losses are worth more so you can also catch up then as well. You’ve only missed the first two weeks.

    Still 3.5 months worth of league to go and it is still anyone’s ball game. Heck last league didn’t get decided until the last possible day of the league, so it is silly to give up without even playing!

  3. Yeah, but 600 points means more games per unit time. Missing weeks in the first month pretty much guarantees no chance of being competitive. Missing in the last month doesn’t matter much at all.

    And any games I get in are games someone else gets as well, so they move further ahead while I’m trying to catch up.

    Oh well… I can still play for fun if not for competition.

  4. Right now April 1st would be the first Sunday I may be able to make it in as I have a Lacrosse game to go to this upcoming Sunday.