Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game Regional Tournament is this Saturday at noon!

12:00 Registration
1:00 Play

All players must provide a deck list describing the cards in their deck and the number of each card. Each Call of Cthulhu tournament deck may include only one Restricted card (up to 3 copies). The full list of Restricted cards is on the most recent FAQ (v 2.1) from Fantasy Flight Games. Feel free to contact the Tournament Organizer with any questions:

Decks can be constructed using any of the cards released in the Living Card Game format, up to and including “Written and Bound.” Cards from the Asylum Pack “Words of Power” will not be permitted in this Championship Tournament. Cards from the older collectible card game (black bordered cards) are permitted to be used if they have been reprinted in the Living Card Game format. The latest version of all cards, as indicated by FAQ 2.1 in the case of errata, will be used for all players.

The tournament will run Swiss Paired rounds, the number of rounds will depend on the number of participants in the tournament. If there are 16 or more participants, there will be a Top 4 playoff to determine the North East US Regional Champion.

Prizes will be awarded to players, and we have plenty of them! The trophy and certificate go to the winner, the Asylum Prize goes to the player with the lowest score. The other prizes will be distributed to players in order of finish.

* 1 Regional Champion 2012 trophy
* 1 Signed and certified Regional Champion 2012 certificate
* 2 Call of Cthulhu Regionals 2012 Magnifying glasses
* 2 Complete, uncut sheets from a recent Call of Cthulhu Asylum Pack
* 4 Full-color Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game playmats
* 8 Large glossy art prints
* 16 sets of 3 double-sided limited run Domain cards (48 cards total)
* 1 “Asylum prize” – Card box from a recent Game Night Kit for the last place player

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