Unpub Mini

7th Dimension Games in association with Cartrunk Entertainment will host a Mini Unpublished Games Festival on June 23rd starting at 1.

Six designers from around the area will present their games for a day of play-testing with local players. Games being presented at this event include Municipality by Michael R. Keller; Mecha Mayhem by Greg Miller, Nate Soria, & Derrick Vidal; Co-Op Tower Defense by Tom Callahan; Dice Diner by John Moller & Darrell Louder; and more!

Several upcoming games from established and independent publishers like Dice Hate Me Games, Clever Mojo Games, Nevermore Games, Gozer Games, and Eagle-Gryphon Games have participated in the Unpub Network. You could very easily be playing the next hit game at 7th Dimension Games.

New Jersey game designer Jason Tagmire had this to say about attending a recent Unpub Network event “As a player, I had the opportunity to play some really exciting and fresh unpublished games with their designers, which is a wonderful way to play a new game… It was a great time.”

Unpub Minis offer an afternoon of great gaming for all participants.

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