Normally, 7th Dimension Games and Dapper D8 Social Club run OMGRPGBBQ! on the first on the month. Because of life events, we will be pushing this one back to July 9th.

OMGRPGBBQ is a social event, a place where gamers from the area can gather together and hang out, trade stories, and build new friendships. While you shoot the breeze with friends new and old …you’ll have your pick of delicious home-cooked foods of all kinds to nibble on, prepared for you by our volunteer chefs.

Every month we will be presenting you with a new roleplaying game to try out for the first time with knowledgeable and personable GMs, men and women that have worked hard to tailor an event built for newcomers and old hands both. That’s a new game every month for you to sample. You’ll get to play both the next big things as well as those independent gems that you may not have noticed before. You don’t even need to bring your dice bag because we’ll bring all of the supplies.

This month, we will be featuring the amazing MOUSE GUARD RPG by Luke Crane and David Petersen.

The world is a terrifying place when you’re a mouse. Snakes become something close to dragons. Birds of prey can grab you and take you away before you can react. Your young are always at risk. Mouse Guard is a tabletop role-playing game where you play as brave mice, not human adventurers. The setting reeks of menace and danger; you are a tiny thing in a big, big world.

All this, and it’s even completely free! Free food, free gaming, and a lovely space to meet with friends and talk about your favorite hobby. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Drinks aren’t included but they can be purchased from the store.

Everything kicks off at 6 PM and will run until 9 PM.

We hope to see you there!

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