Warmachine Steamroller event!

Sunday, June 23rd; registration starts at 11:00am, dice start rolling at 12:00pm.

* Prizes: Coins for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
* Fee: $5
* Army Lists: 35 points. You may bring two lists, but it is not required.
* Number of Rounds: 3-4, depending on turn out.
* Round/Turn lengths: We will be using the standard Steamroller 2013 round/turn timings: a base round length of 70 minutes +/- (d3x3), with turn limits of seven minutes and one three minute extension.
* Scoring: We will use SOS as tiebreaker for final standings.
* Scenarios: 2013 Steamroller scenarios
* Painting: No painting requirement.

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