April 5th is Tabletop Day

Table Top Day

On April 5th we will be celebrating Tabletop Day. We’d like to see how many games (of the ones they have shown on the show) played that day.

The store has open copies of the following games for people to play any time:

Wits & Wagers
Star Fluxx
Formula D
Once Upon a Time
Forbidden Island
Smash Up
Star Wars: X-Wing
Shadows Over Camelot
Tsuro of the Seas

We don’t have the original Ticket to Ride, but we do have Marklin, the German map version of the game. Like wise we don’t have the current version of Munchkin.

Games we don’t have in our library that we’ll run if a volunteer brings them:

Say Anything
Elder Sign
Last Night on Earth
Chez Geek
Dragon Age
King of Tokyo
Star Trek Catan
Lords of Waterdeep
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Unspeakable Words
12 Days
Ticket to Ride Europe
Fortune and Glory
Lords of Vegas

Let us know if you want to bring and teach any of the games on this second list.

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