April 5th Tabletop Day schedule

This is our first pass at putting together a schedule for events on this Saturday as we try to play all the Tabletop games in one day.

Note that we have 3 other tabletop tables that will be open for all the other games.

11:30 Tsuro
12:00 Formula D
12:00 Carcassonne
12:30 Once Upon a Time
12:30 Wits & Wagers
13:00 Fluxx
13:30 Alhambra
13:30 Dixit
13:30 Shadows Over Camelot
14:00 Smash Up
14:00 Say Anything
14:30 King of Tokyo
15:30 Betrayal at House on the Hill

We have some volunteers to bring us some games, but none have said they have the following:

Tsuro of the Seas
Star Fluxx (we have several other Fluxx flavors open)
Castle Panic
Forbidden Island (we do have the sequel Forbidden Desert)
Fortune and Glory
Get Bit


April 5th Tabletop Day schedule — 2 Comments

  1. I can bring Forbidden Island and Castle Panic with the wizard expansion. I don’t know what time I’ll be there but I’ll bring them along with Waterdeep if you still need me to bring that.