This week

Tuesday, we don’t have a dedicated group for our new night yet.

Wednesday, the figure painters will be dazzled with a complete line of Vallejo paints.

Thursday, the store will be closed for Thanksgiving.

Friday, the store will open at noon and there will be hoopla.  Most of the details are still being worked out.

The definite will be at 1:00 Bob Fanelli will be running a Pirate miniature game.  The rules will be unique and quick to learn.  Anyone can play without prior experience and everyone is welcome.

At 4 I’d like to see our Arcane Legion fans come in, but that is still a work in progress.

At 6 we will have open play for Magic.

Saturday morning at 10 will be Pokemon, this week we only had 2 players, I think we can do better!

Noon will be Monsterpocalypse and hopefully I’ll have more units for you guys.

At 3 there will be open play for L5R.  Around 5 or 6 we will start getting the board game people to come in and play some games, both new and old.

Sunday will be Flames of War, and open gaming.

Sunday December 13th will be a Flames of War tournament.  1250 points, late war.  3 scenarios will be chosen that morning.  Our contact at BattleFront has said we will get prize support, and if we can get 12 people to play, it will be a regional qualifier.  Cost will be $10 in advance, deadline will be Friday the 11th to register.  A sign up sheet will be available in the store

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