Wing Weekend

This Saturday 7/26 we will be having a 97 point Star Wars X-Wing tournament at 1:00. The $5 entry fee will be waived for anyone buying a new ship that day. Since we failed to get the official league kit, we will be running a swiss tournament and give out $3 store credit per entrant to first prize, and $2 store credit per entrant to second prize. All other participants will have there choice of any of the left-over promos from past tournaments.

Our Star Trek Attack Wing tournament is on Sunday 7/27. It is the first of three Collective events, so you’ll get to fight Borg. Bring a 90 point list. To play in the tournament you must by a random packaged ship and use it, and the cards in it only, to put into play an extra 30 points. We are requiring each ship to be faction pure, but you may fly multiple ships with each being a different faction.

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