This week

Saturday, Clash of Arms will be in to demonstrate the War is Hell Series Card Game: The Hell of Stalingrad. Demo will start at 5.

Tuesday is Classic Battletech at 6. This Sunday is the first day of the Battletech RPG.

For the Magic players, there is no draft on Wednesday and Friday will be Two Headed Giant.

Upcoming Special Events

Saturday, May 8th will be Legend of the 5 Rings day. A single price will include a standard deck, a deck constructed by one of our advanced players and as many freebies as we can get to you. Details coming soon.

Sunday, May 23 is the Flames of War Tournament. We will be a regional qualifier.

This week

Tuesday: Magic in the afternoon. 6:00 open board games. 5:00 WoW TCGs.

Wednesday night, the figure painters will continue to laugh at my attempts to paint my RoboRally figures.

Thursday, we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings.

Friday, starting at 6:30 we will be running Magic. Most of our players are interested in arriving and starting earlier, so we will be trying that.

12:00 Blood Bowl
5:00 Hell in Stalingrad
6:00 Open Gaming

Sunday, the FOW Escalation League is at 1500 points. Battletech RPG at 1.

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