Asmoplay: Splendor

7th Dimension Games has signed up for Asmoplay to give you the chance to get special promotional material!

June 20th at 6PM we will be running a competition for Splendor. The top player will receive a custom playmat, and gold tokens. Second place gets gold tokens! And everyone in the top 16 get the new noble cards! If we have at least 8 players, one player will be able to take home a copy of the game (or if you already have it, a similarly priced game).

To participate, you must spend $5 in the store that day or buy a $5 gift card.


Asmoplay: Splendor — 3 Comments

  1. My brother (Ryan) and I would like to enter the Splendor competition on June 20th. Do we sign up in advance? I also did not see a time for the event on the website. Could you tell me when we should show up?



    • No need to pre-register. If we have more than 8 players, we would appreciate if someone that owned the game could bring it along.