This Week

Thank you all for giving me a great Black Friday! I need to ask my Arcane Legion and AT-43 players when is the best time to announce games?

Tuesday: I have forgotten everything I knew about Magic. If you challenge me to a game of Magic from 2PM to 6PM I will give you a FREE booster pack.

Wednesday night, the figure painters will be in the store doing what they do best.

Thursday, we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings.

Friday, will be Friday Night Magic. I have my DCI number and am waiting to hear back from them about becoming an official location. If an official judge wants to drop in to help me out, that would be great.

Saturday morning at 10AM is Pokemon, we got a new player this week!

Noon is Monsterpocalypse – we have lots of prize support in the back!

At 3 there will be open play for L5R. Around 5 or 6 is open board games. Hopefully, someone will play my demo copy of “Shakespeare, the Bardgame.”

Sunday December 13th will be a Flames of War tournament. This Sunday at noon you have one more chance to prepare your 1250 point army. A sign up sheet is available and the $10 tournament fee needs to be paid in advance.


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