Warmachine 75 point Steamroller

On Sept 11th, we will be hosting a Warmachine Steamroller event. Our doors open at 11 and we will start rolling dice at noon, so please be prompt so we can start on time.

  • Prizes: Pins and store credit for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
  • Entry Fee: $10, $2 goes to terrain fund, the rest to store credit prizes. Anyone with an X-1 or X-0 record gets store credit.
  • Army Lists: 75 points. Second list is optional. Baseline character restrictions, so you cannot bring Wurmwood in both of your lists.
  • Number of Rounds: 3-4, depending on turn out.
  • Round/Turn lengths: We will be using the Deathclock variant (60 minutes). Deployment is on the clock.
  • Scoring: We will use the Control Point variant for final standings.
  • Scenarios: Steamroller 2016
  • Painting: No painting requirement.

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