Foodmachine 2016

Food Machine

On Nov 13 we will be hosting our fourth annual Foodmachine.

What is Foodmachine? It is a Warmachine miniatures tournament where you donate food in exchange for bending the rules. Full rules can be found on the Privateer website.

Registration starts at 11:00am and costs a minimum of five cans of food to buy in. Dice start rolling at 12:00pm. Please be prompt so we can get your can totals checked in.

You receive one chit for each can of food you donate. You can spend the chits in-game to do things like re-roll, force your opponent to re-roll, allow one unit to run and still take actions, etc. You can also spend chits before the tournament to do stuff like bring a non-faction warbeast/warjack in your list. Enough cans allows you to bring a non-faction Colossal/Gargantuan! Read up on the rules in the link above.

  • Army Lists: 50 points. One list required, second list optional.
  • Number of Rounds: 3-4, depending on turn out.
  • Painting: No painting requirement.

Jenkintown Food Cupboard requests: “Can veggies (not carrots), condensed soups such as chicken noodle, can fruit in juice (pineapple is very popular) and bottled 100% fruit juice”

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