New games this week

We received several new games this week, including:

  • Dark Mages – A card game for 2-8 players where you battle all adversaries to become the Northland continent’s most legendary magician.
  • Tak: A Beautiful Game – A two player game “simple in its rules, complex in its strategy.”
  • Area 1851 – You are one of the top tinkerers in the Wild West. Compete to deliver the best gadgets!
  • Meduris – Your workers must skillfully place their huts and temple to obtain the most supplies to make an offering to the gods.
  • King of the Jungle – Determine which player is secretly playing which animal in the jungle. Attack when the conditions are in your favor to become the last animal standing.

Don’t ask us about Gloomhaven, it came and went so fast that it made our head spin.

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