This week at 7th Dimension

People in the Flames of War Tournament, please register withFlames of War so we have an official game.

Tuesday: Help me remember Magic! If you challenge me to a game of Magic from 2PM to 5PM I will punch your frequent booster buyer card.

Wednesday night, the figure painters will be in the store doing what they do best.

Thursday, we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings.

Friday, will be Friday Night Magic. Players are trickling in, I am waiting to hear back if we are an official location or not.

Saturday is very busy!

10AM: Pokemon

11AM: AT-43

Noon: Monsterpocalypse – every player earns a prize!

2:00 Bob Fanelli will be running a Revolutionary War miniatures game. The battle of Waverly Heights, which took place in Cheltenham Township, near the intersection of Limekiln Pike and Church Road on December 7, 1777. It was part of the Battle of Edge Hill. First 8 people to stop in and sign up.

3:00 PM Arcane Legions!

5 or 6 as the crowd filters out, we have open board games. The game cabinet is full of interesting things, and you can feel free to bring your own.

Sunday is the Flames of War Tournament!


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  1. Looks like you’ve got a nice hold on the store. I always walked right past the previous incarnation after classes in high school, but now my roommates are getting me into Magic, so expect me to stop by a few times during winter break!