This week

I have narrowed down the choices on a new place, and started to talk to the landlords, but hav not signed a lease yet. We are still on track for a new place in September.

Our numbers for the D&D Encounters have dropped off. If you are interested, please come out on Wednesday so that we don’t cancel future events.

No Magic Draft this week.

Sunday, is the pre-release event for Magic 2011. We will be giving out free pizza as part of the deal. We will start passing out packs at noon and start the first round at 1.

Upcoming Events

On August 14 we will be hosting a used board game auction. Any game you care to sell will earn you store credit for the full amount of the game.

Sunday August 22 is the next Warmachine Tournament. It will be 25 points.

This week

Tuesday: 5:00 WoW TCG. 6:00 open board games.

Wednesday night, the figure painters will be doing the obvious. The D&D Encounters are at 6.

Thursday, we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings.

Friday, starting at 6:30 we will be running Magic. Most of our players are interested in arriving and starting earlier, so we will be trying that. Warmachine pick up games will start around 6.


  • 12:00 Blood Bowl
  • 2:00 Cthulhu LCGl
  • 6:00 Open Gaming

Sunday is the Magic pre-release.

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