Extra Life Event 11/3

Tomorrow we will be taking donations for Extra Life, a charity that provides hospital ridden kids games to play with. Unboxing Story has just sent us their final schedule. Most games have some spaces, but they are filling fast.

Here’s the SCHEDULE for our Extra Life Marathon on Saturday! Most of the RPGs will be live streamed on our Twitch channel, but the main room will be full of gaming goodness as well.

Noon – 4pm MASKS with Tim Gonzalez
4pm – 8pm Dresden Files Acellerated with Melissa Sue Matos
6pm – 10pm Feng Shui 2 with Sal Russo (this one is not streaming)
8pm – Midnight Call of Cthulu with Ben Walker

There will also be DOOR PRIZES! Top prize is a weekend pass to Pax Unplugged! Please come and donate to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and get a chance to win!

There will be open board gaming in the main room as well. Let me know if you would like to join a table to play any of the RPGs.

If you can’t join us at the store, check out our Team Page for other ways to participate.


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