Upcoming Magic

Release event
Friday. January 25th, at 7PM is the release event for Ravnica Allegiance. We will be running a sealed event with prerelease packs. Packs will be given out at random.
If 8 people are interested, we will also run a draft.
Ravnica Allegiance League
Starting Monday January 28th and lasting 4 weeks will be our Monday night Magic League for Guilds of Ravnica. Playing 10 games in the League gets you a copy of Gate Colossus!
Standard Showdown
On Sundays at 1PM, starting February 3rd, we will be holding Standard Showdown. In addition to our standard prizing, we will be giving away 6 Standard Showdown packs. Each pack contains two standard legal rares, a special foil land and a randomly selected foil card. 

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