Magic: War of the Spark events

June is filled with events for War of the Spark.

Friday, the 3rd. is release day. We will be running Sealed using prerelease kits. If enough people are interested, we will also be running draft and Commander.

Saturday, the 4th, from 11-5 will be our Magic Open House. Bring a new player out to learn and each of you will get a foil alt-art Lillian’s Triumph!

Sunday, the 5th, we will be having a draft at 1 PM. Anyone playing in the first round will be getting a foil Bola’s Citadel.

Standard Showdown is every Sunday at 1PM from May 12th through June 9.

Planeswalker Weekend is Saturday, May 25th, which will be a sealed event. During this event, all Planeswalkers you open can be cast with any color of mana.

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