The Good, The Bad, and The Future

People have been asking, how we are doing. April was our first month of no in-person sales at all, and it is a rollercoaster.

The Good: Local delivery has meant that a bunch of people have been giving us orders.

The Bad: Our landlord has, so far, not negotiated on our rent as we moved from retail space to a warehouse space.

The Good: We made enough profit on the stuff we sold to pay the rent.

The Bad: We did not make enough profit to also pay the utilities and other inescapable fees of business.

The Good: We sold enough gift cards to cover all those fees.

The Future: Realistically, we will not allow in-store gaming the way that we did until there is a cure for Covid-19, or a treatment available. That means we may not have in-store gaming this year. As things stabilize, we will start curbside pickup and then in store shopping.

What that means is we need to adapt to this new normal of trying to give you what you need to entertain you at home. That means we need to hear from you. We are still in the process of listing all our stuff on our website. If you are interested in something, please ask, either here, in an e-mail to , on our discord site, or on our Facebook Page.

Someday, we will sit around a table and play again. Stay safe until then!

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