COVID, July, D&D and Magic


Back in June we decided we would be holding events, but to limit seating to people that can show proof of vaccination. At this time, we plan on keeping that policy until the overall vaccination rate greatly improves.
We do not require vaccination to shop, provided that shoppers wear a mask.
Our delivery service is still available to people that want to be extra cautious.

July & Beyond

Between our Magic prerelease events, and people eager to go out and play with friends, we had our best July ever.
Going forward, we are running into the same problems as everyone: new games are being delayed, and our warehouses can’t always restock things. If you had told me a year ago we’d have a shortage of cardboard boxes for storing cards, I wouldn’t have believed you. We are trying to load up on the staples, but expect occasional shortages of everything as we approach the winter.
If you know of an upcoming release you are interested in, please let us know so that we put in early orders for it.


For a variety of reasons, most of our old Dungeon Masters have not returned. We still have one table with seats open if anyone wants to jump in.


This Sunday, 8/22, at 1:00 we are going to hold a draft using the Mystery Booster Convention Edition. Because these booster are higher price than usual, it will be a $45 draft.
In September, Innistrad Midnight Hunt will release. In the next few days there sign-ups for the prerelease, and booster boxes preorders, on our website.

Feel free to contact us with reasonable questions:, on our discord site, or on our Facebook Page.

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