A Tale of Two Saturdays

MOM Championship cards
Magic Store Championship

The Store Championship for Magic the Gathering will be a draft of March of the Machine on Saturday May 13th.

For attending you will receive an alternate art Strangle. If your standing is in the top eight, you will receive an alternate art Aether Channeler. The undefeated player will receive a textless Thalia and The Gitrog Monster.

Price is $20. 3 rounds, then single elimination playoff. If you win a round you get 1 prize pack. Any prize pack returned will earn you $4 credit. All players will receive a promo card of some sort.

Star Ward X-Wing event
X-Wing Store Championship

Saturday, May 20th, the X-Wing Championship will take over the store. We will be opening early to start the event, and if all goes smoothly it will end by 4PM. However, during that time, there will be almost no space for any other casual play.

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