7th Dimension Games news 9/13-19/2010

Tomorrow, 357 Easton Rd, Glenside PA 19038 is being inspected by the township. Afterwards, I should have a move date.

This Tuesday, is the World of Warcraft TCG sealed draft for IceCrown.

Our D&D group on Wednesday night has dropped the official Encounters program for a home grown campaign. Let me know if you want to be a part of it.

Shadowfist Saturday is this week.

No Magic Draft this week.

Since the next L5R tournament comes so quickly after the release of Empire at War, we will be allowing proxies for the next couple of weeks.

If you know any small gamers, are t-shirts are almost gone. We only have one of each: men’s medium; women’s medium and women’s small.

Magic Scars of Mirrodin is now available for pre-order.

The future

Sundays, Ezra (one of our younger players) wants to start a D&D 4th Edition group. He has 2 players so far and wants to add a few more.

9/23 Legend of the Five Rings: Empire at War Release Tournament

9/24 Magic will be Two Headed Giant

9/27 Pre-release Tournament for Magic: Scars of Mirrodin

10/1 Release Tournament for Magic: Scars of Mirrodin

This week

Tuesday: 7:00 WoW TCG Battleground sealed draft. 6:00 open board games.

Wednesday: the figure painters will be working. The D&D Encounters are at 6.

Thursday: we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings.

Friday: 6:30 Registration for Friday Night Magic.


  • 1:00 Monsterpocalypse
  • 1:00 Shadowfist Saturday
  • 5:00 Open board gaming

Sunday: Warmachine

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