7th Dimension Games announcements and news 10/4-10/2010

Well, the Township and my new landlord are still engaged in a regulatory dance. There is an increasing chance I will stay here for Christmas then move first thing next year. Our new address will someday be 357 Easton Rd, Glenside PA 19038.

After talking with successful retailers, I have decided to end the punch card system after the move. It doesn’t track easily and throws off the books. I will be trying to figure out how to implement a loyalty system that balances rewards while allowing the store to make a profit.

On the upside, Friday we had 28 players buy into the Magic Release event, our highest headcount ever. Saturday night continues to attract new board game players. If there is a specific game you have wanted to play, tell me a week in advance. I will include it in the newsletter.

Meanwhile, I decided to expand my offerings a little bit while doing a large restock. There is now a small puzzle section, and a selection of LEGO games. If they do well over Christmas, I will expand the selections, if not, I will let them sell off and call it a failed experiment.

Speaking of failed experiments, we have a section of heavily marked down items – including all of the Arcane Legions. Stop in and see if there is a bargain for you.

Have you noticed that we are on Facebook?

This week

  • Tuesday: 7:00 WoW TCG Battleground will be doing a draft. 6:00 open board games.
  • Wednesday: the figure painters will be working. The new D&D campaign at 6.
  • Thursday: L5R
  • Friday: 6:30 Friday Night Magic
  • Saturday: 5:00 Open board gaming
  • Sunday: Flames of War

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