Announcements and News 10/18-24/2010

Monday Knight Productions makes Mats, miniatures and stuff. I will be putting in an order this week, if you’d like me to include something, let me know as soon as possible.

A female player has requested that I announce a women’s game night. If you are an interested woman, or know a woman that might be interested, let me know.

This Saturday we host the EPGS game day. Feel free to come for all day games.

It looks like the move to 357 Easton Rd, Glenside PA 19038 will be either December or next year. Once the move takes place, I will honor old punch cards, but will not issue new ones. Early in 2011, I will figure out how to properly award my loyal customers.

One of the biggest game stores in the country started tracking how many fans that game stores have on Facebook. Every time we add fans, I check to see if we have moved up the rankings. But every week, we keep falling just behind The GameShelf. That’s right, we are being beaten by Canadians. If we can add just 7 people before they do we can beat them! Can you help us out?

The Future

Tuesday the 26th the WoW TCG event will be “All too Common” – your deck may only contain common cards.

Friday the 29th, Magic will be 2 headed Giant.

This week

Tuesday: 7:00 WoW TCG Battleground Classic Constructed. 6:00 open board games.

Wednesday: the figure painters will be working. D&D campaign at 6.

Thursday: L5R

Friday: 6:30 Friday Night Magic

Saturday: All day EPGS games

Sunday: Flames of War and Uncharted Seas

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