This week

Coming up on Saturday January 30th we will be running a Warmachine
Game using the new rule set. If you know you need a book or deck of
cards, let me know so that I can pre-order everything.

This week:

  • Tuesday: A few people will be meeting to play magic in the afternoon. At 7, I’m hoping to pull out a copy of Cleopatra if anyone is interested.
  • Wednesday night, the figure painters will answer your painting questions and give you guidance.
  • Thursday, we will be playing Legends of the 5 Rings and World of Warcraft CCGs.
  • Friday, starting at 7 we will be running Magic.
  • Saturdays are always busy:
    10AM: Pokemon
    11AM: AT-43
    Noon: Monsterpocalypse – every player earns a prize!
    3:00 PM Arcane Legions!
    5 or 6 as the crowd filters out, we have open board games. The game cabinet is full of interesting things, and you can feel free to bring your own.
  • Sunday the Flames of War Mid-War Escalation League continues with 600 point armies.
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