Warmachine Steamroller

Sunday, the 23rd, we will have our next Steamroller

  • Start time: Registration starts at 11:00am, dice roll at 12:00pm.
  • Prizes: Players that finish with a positive record get store credit.
  • Entry Fee: $10, with $2 going to the terrain fund.
  • Army Lists: 75 points with 20 points of Specialists. No Divide & Conquer, so the second list is optional. Baseline character restrictions, so you cannot bring Wurmwood in both of your lists.
  • Number of Rounds: 3-4, depending on turn out.
  • Round/Turn lengths: We will be using the Deathclock variant (60 minutes). Deployment is on the clock.
  • Scoring: We will use the Control Point variant for final standings.
  • Scenarios: Steamroller 2017 Beta
  • Painting: No painting requirement.

The Lobotomized Godfather of Sorcery (new games)

  • The Godfather: Corleone's Empire - a streamlined, confrontational worker placement game filled with murder and intrigue with detailed miniatures.
  • Werewords - the game "Are you a Werewolf?" but with secret words
  • Sword & Sorcery - an epic-fantasy cooperative game where players fight together against the forces of evil, which are controlled by the game system itself.
  • Lobotomy - Escape from the abandoned mental hospital, where you were a patient. Not an easy task when the staff are the evil monsters and the warden is the worst of them.
  • Ultimate Showdown - is a party game pitting famous people and characters in a battle. Will Ghengis Khan beat out Frank Sinatra for Best Road-trip Companion?
  • X-Wing Store Championships

    Saturday, 7/22 at 1 PM we are having our 2017 Store Championship. This is a standard 100 point tournament. Buy in is $10.

    Prizes are:

    • Champion: receives a Store Championship plaque and a card granting one first-round bye at a Regional Championship of the player’s choice.
    • Top Two: get an Agent Kallus token and a Ray alternate art card
    • Top Four: range 1 and range 2 rulers
    • Top Eight: range 3 ruler
    • Top Thirty-Two: an Engine Upgrade alternate art card

    Upcoming Magic Events

    Release event

    For FNM on July 14th, we will be running a sealed event for Hour of Devastation. We will be using prerelease packs. $30 Entry. Our usual flat prizing.

    We will also be offering a draft at the same time, 7 PM, for those that prefer that format.

    Sunday Draft

    Sunday, the 16th, at 1 PM we will be running our Weekend draft event. This is our usual draft, just on a Sunday to get you started with the new set.

    Hour of Devastation League

    Staring Monday, July 17th, we will be running the new Hour of Devastation League. Players will use 3 packs to make a 30 card deck. Each 3 losses, or each week, players may add additional packs.

    Star Wars Destiny

    July 15th, at 1PM, will we be holding our next Star Wars Destiny event! A $5 entry includes a participation booster, and we'll be awarding prize boosters at the end of the event. For every 3 people that play, we'll give away 2 packs of Spirit of Rebellion.

    New games

    • DiceBot Megafun - Build the best robot to use your special weapons by grabbing the right dice, then go to battle!
    • Potion Explosion - Build your potions by selecting marbles off the special board. If the ingredients explode, you get them all!
    • Cross Hares - Defeat the factory that is poisoning the land. If you are the first rabbit to arrive their and defeat it, you win!
    • T.I.M.E Stories: Lumen Fidei - the newest TIME Story is set in 15th century Spain. Infiltrate a secret meeting of the Christian militant orders to steal a precious item for the Agency - if that is what the mystery is really about...

    FNM Standard

    Since we don't always have 8 for Standard, we've decided to run Casual Standard. That means we only need 4. If we have less than 6 players, everyone will play everyone and get prizes based on record. If we have 6 or more, we will pair players and run 4 rounds.

    Magic Events!

    On Saturday July 1st, we will be hosting Magic Open House. Come in and learn the basics of Magic! This is a free event.

    7th Dimension Games will be running 6 prereleases for Hour of Devastation July 8th & 9th. Each player will get 2 packs of Amonkhet, 4 packs of Hour of Devastation, a rare card that is foil with the date stamped on it and a spin down die.

    Sign up is $30 per player per event.

    • Saturday 12:01 AM (Just after Friday midnight)
    • Saturday 9AM - tickets available at the door
    • Saturday Two Headed Giant at 2PM
    • Saturday 6PM
    • Sunday Noon
    • Sunday 6PM

    Sunday at noon we'll be running 5 rounds, you must go 3-2 or better to win packs. The other 4 events will be our flat payout of 1 prize pack per round won.

    Two headed Giant will be a 3 round event - everyone gets a prize pack, and 1 additional prize pack per player per round won.

    Players that pay in store at least a week in advance get a free pack of sleeves and a drink.

    Online tickets for the prerelease are available now.

    New Games

    A number of new board games arrived in the last two weeks:

    • Viticulture - Players must determe how they want to allocate their workers throughout the year. Every season is different, so the workers must adapt their tasks to the current season. The first worker to get to the job has an advantage over the rest.
    • Yamatai - Collect money, hire specialists, and constructing buildings in this complex worker placement game where you dynamically build a shipping route.
    • Celestia - A press your luck game: get off the ship now, or follow the Captain through pirate, storms and killer birds to reach safe harbor and score big.
    • Oh Captain - A bluffing game where you try to get things past the ship's Captain, then give the cursed objects to your fellow sailors.
    • Hanamikoji - A beautiful and quick, but complex, card game for two players. Players must choose from a limited number of actions to win the favor of four of the seven geishas.
    • First Class - Try to score as points by building a rich network of rails, by building luxurious train cars, or by serving well-paying passengers. The variable setup uses 2 of 5 modules to give the game high replay-ability.
    • Dresden Files expansions - 3 new character decks for expanded game play.
    • Space Invaders Dice - Reimplements the classic video game as a press-your-luck dice game.
    • Spoils of War - Each round, players roll their dice, then cleverly bluff and bet to outwit their fellow Vikings. The winners of each round get to claim fantastic treasures to add to their collection.