Madness Monday

One of our Game Masters has offer to run a Call of Cthulhu game the first Monday of each Month, starting at 6PM. If you’d like to get in on that, let us know.

That means, this Monday, Feb 5th, will be the first event.

Magic Casual Day

To show appreciation to our Magic players, we have a special free event on February 10th from 11AM to 5PM.

Anyone that plays two games of Magic will be given a free booster (any of the $4 packs) and entered into a random drawing for a From the Vault Transform.

Rivals of Ixalan

On Saturday, January 6th, we will be hosting Magic Open House. Come in and learn the basics of Magic! This is a free event.

7th Dimension Games will be running 3 prereleases for Hour of Devastation January 13th & 14th. Each player will get 4 packs of Rivals of Ixalan, 2 packs of Ixalan, a rare card that is foil with the date stamped on it and a spin down die. From those packs they must construct a deck and play in the tournament.

Sign up is $30 per player per event.

  • Saturday 12:01 AM (Just after Friday midnight)
  • Saturday 12PM (noon)
  • Sunday Noon

Sunday at noon we’ll be running 5 rounds, you must go 3-2 or better to win packs. The other 2 events will be our flat payout of 1 prize pack per round won.

Players that pay at least a week in advance get a free pack of sleeves and a drink.

Online tickets for the prerelease are available now.

D20 Day!

Wednesday, December 20th, is our new favorite Holiday!

We celebrate D20 day by allowing you to roll a 20 sided die (a D20) and taking that percentage off one purchase.

Did our die disrespect you? Mention that you read our blog and get a reroll.

You may only roll for one purchase, and you must declare your full purchase before you roll our die.

Unstable Drafts

Friday, the 8th at 7 PM, and Sunday, the 10th at 1 PM, we will be having Unstable Drafts!

The newest set of Magic is Unstable, a Squrrel filled set of interesting cards and contraptions.

For $15 all players will draft & build a deck, then play 2 round of multiplayer Magic. Any one that wins their pod gets a prize pack.

Anyone that plays in the second round gets a participation pack and the Earl of Squirrels.

Living Card Game Tournaments

Bring out your joust decks for this Game of Thrones Tournament on December 2nd, at 1PM. There will be an alternate art card, The Red Viper, for everyone and Confiscation or tokens for the top 4.

$5 entry.

Our first real Legend of the Five Rings tournament is the Way of the Ring on December 9th at 1PM. We will be using the core sets, and the first 3 Dynasty Packs (Tears of Amaterasu, For Honor and Glory and Into the Forbidden City) for the tournament,

The first 24 players will receive a commemorative pin. The top 2 players from each clan will receive a textless clan card.

Additionally, the top player will receive the next Dynasty Pack for free!

Entry is a $5 gift card.