Magic – this weekend and October

Magic Prerelease September 9-27-29
Currently, all our events for this weekend are half-full. Online registration will be cut off an hour before each event, or when an event fills.

Today, Friday, at 3 PM we can sell the new Planeswalker decks and preordered booster boxes can be picked up. Because of Wizards’s restrictions, we can’t sell cards Monday-Thursday. Friday, Oct 4th, is the release day, and all things will be on sale then.

Sunday, October 6th, we will attempt to have a Throne of Eldraine draft.

Sunday, October 13, 20 and 27 we will see if people want to Brawl or not. Based on attendance, we will shift back to Standard or continue Brawl in November.

Magic: Throne of Eldraine

Magic Prerelease September 9-27-29

We will be running 6 prereleases for Throne of Eldraine. Each player will get 6 packs of Throne of Eldraine, a rare card from the set which is foil with the date stamped on it, and a spin down die. From those packs they must construct a deck and play in the tournament.

Sign up is $30 per player per event.

Friday 7PM – This event will sell out in advance
Saturday 9AM – doors open at 8:30
Saturday Two Headed Giant at 2PM
Saturday 7PM – ticket must be purchased in store
Sunday 1 PM
Sunday 6PM

All events will be our flat payout of 1 prize pack per round won.

Two headed Giant is a two person team event that will last 3 rounds – everyone gets a prize pack, and 1 additional prize pack per player per round won.

Also, starting on the 27th at 3PM we can sell planeswalker decks to play pick up games.

Tickets on sale now

Commander Weekend

Commander 2019 decks
Saturday, Aug 24th, 1 PM we will be holding a special Commander event.

Multi-player pods, similar to how we run FNM.

Special rule: Any player that purchases and uses an unaltered Commander 2019 deck can begin the game with up to three legendary creatures from that deck in their Command Zone.


Arboretum Tournament

Aboretum Prizes

Saturday, August 17th at 1 PM, we will be hosting an Arboretum tournament. The game’s creator, Dan Cassar, will be on site to sign your copy. Naturally, we will have copies on sale if you’ve misplaced yours.

We have a game bag for top player, another for a random player, and a substitute Cherry Blossom card with animals for everyone that plays.

To enter, buy a $5 gift card on site.

Big Game All Day

Saturday, Aug 3! Come out and play AEG’s lastest games: Point Salad, Curios, Walking in Burano and the new Smash Up expansion!

Of course, all other games are welcome.

Yes, we are starting AEG’s Big Game Night at 11 AM!


Saturday July 27th at 1 PM, we will be hosting a sealed event for Keyforge! We do have a few promos to give out to players.

Winner gets a free deck and one random deck is award per four players.

Dust Day

Come and join us for a day of Dust. 100-point builds. Lists can be changed in between games.

There will be a $10 entry fee, of which $5 will go to the store and $5 will go into a pool for prizes as store credit.