The State of the Store

Since people keep asking how we are doing, here’s the end of July report.

Our doors were open for all of July, and the majority of our sales are now in person again, although we still do a few deliveries every week.

The bad news is for the month of July we were still down over 10%. However, this makes it our best month since the Before Times. The good news is we earned enough to pay all our bills for the month.

More bad news: realistically we do not anticipate having in store events until 2021.

BIG CHANGE for delivery: Based on time it takes to do deliveries, we have changed our fee structure. For locations less than 5 miles we will continue to charge $5. For locations from 5 to 10 miles we have increased the delivery fee to $10.

CHANGE for game rentals: We are going to open up our game rentals again. However, the rental fee will cover 3 days. When the game is returned it will be unavailable for 4 days to air out as a precaution.

Free RPG Day

This Saturday, July 25th, 2020 1:00-7:00 pm

Saturday for Free RPG day this year, we tragically can not run RPGs. Instead you will engage in a series of quests to reap the rewards of this adventure. The quests and rewards are shown below in bold.

When choosing your rewards, you may not duplicate items, each is a unique artifact! Fellow party members, please respect the limited supply, and choose a unique reward. A broad base of expertise is needed to avoid a Total Party Kill!


1) Call to Adventure! Many times, going is the hardest part of the quest. Being here is a great start.
Quest 1) Showing up gets you 1 pick from the loot table.

2) Search for Clues! Join the 7th Dimension Games email list.
We promise we will try to keep emails as relevant as possible. The “interests” limit emails to your area of interest.
Quest 2) Sign up for the email list to earn 1 pick from the loot table.

3) Support your local Merchant Guild! Spend $50.00 at 7th Dimension Games on Free RPG Day
Spend the hoard you just acquired or gear up for your first adventure. We have a wide variety of miniatures, dice, source books, and accessories to improve your game experience
Quest 3) Spend $50 at 7th Dimension Games on Free RPG day to acquire 1 pick from the loot table.

New Hours!

Effective immediately, we are now open 1PM to 7 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

You can come in to shop (try to keep your trips short) or order ahead . When ordering ahead, you can choose to come in to grab and go, or to have us bring it out to you.

Curbside is back!

As of Friday 6/5 we will have the right to do curbside sales. Our doors will be open 2PM-6PM Tuesday-Sunday.

We strongly suggest ordering ahead, your order will be waiting for you. You can step in, grab it from the table and go. If you want to spend store credit, or pay in store, feel free to call or e-mail us to set aside your order, and have it ready to go.

If you would rather get delivery, and are less than 10 miles from the store, place an order before 6 PM and we will deliver it to your door. There is a $5 charge per delivery. For addresses beyond 10 miles, you may choose shipping to have it mailed the next morning.

If you are wondering why you can’t shop, we have a basic problem. To clear the air after a customer comes in we’d need to install exhaust fans which would require a massive renovation of the store.

If you are interested in a custom order, please ask, in an e-mail to, on our discord site, or on our Facebook Page.
Someday, we will sit around a table and play again. Stay safe until then!

The Good, The Bad, and The Future

People have been asking, how we are doing. April was our first month of no in-person sales at all, and it is a rollercoaster.

The Good: Local delivery has meant that a bunch of people have been giving us orders.

The Bad: Our landlord has, so far, not negotiated on our rent as we moved from retail space to a warehouse space.

The Good: We made enough profit on the stuff we sold to pay the rent.

The Bad: We did not make enough profit to also pay the utilities and other inescapable fees of business.

The Good: We sold enough gift cards to cover all those fees.

The Future: Realistically, we will not allow in-store gaming the way that we did until there is a cure for Covid-19, or a treatment available. That means we may not have in-store gaming this year. As things stabilize, we will start curbside pickup and then in store shopping.

What that means is we need to adapt to this new normal of trying to give you what you need to entertain you at home. That means we need to hear from you. We are still in the process of listing all our stuff on our website. If you are interested in something, please ask, either here, in an e-mail to , on our discord site, or on our Facebook Page.

Someday, we will sit around a table and play again. Stay safe until then!

Delivery update

As long as the COVID-19 restrictions are in place, we will be operating as a delivery service.

For locations less than 10 miles from the store: Tuesday thru Sunday, if you place an order before 3 PM, we will hand deliver it to your location on the same day. There is a $5 charge per delivery.

Orders from locations further than 10 miles will be mailed out.

Local Delivery

We are doing an experiment this weekend!

If you are within 10 miles of the store, any order you place for in-stock items before 3PM will be delivered same day.

If this works well, we will continue it for the future.

Our web store

Reaper Paints

To make shipping worthwhile, we are selling 5 packs of Reaper Paint. Shoot us an e-mail at and specify which colors you want before ordering, so we can double check stock.

In stock currently: (last updated 7/19/20)

RPR 09002 Deep Red
RPR 09003 Blood Red
RPR 09004 Fire Red
RPR 09005 Phoenix Red
RPR 09006 Fire Orange
RPR 09007 Marigold Yellow
RPR 09008 Sun Yellow
RPR 09009 Lemon Yellow
RPR 09010 Pine Green
RPR 09011 Leaf Green
RPR 09012 Pale Green
RPR 09016 Sapphire Blue
RPR 09017 True Blue
RPR 09018 Sky Blue
RPR 09019 Midnight Blue
RPR 09020 Twilight Blue
RPR 09021 Snow Shadow
RPR 09022 Nightshade Purple
RPR 09023 Imperial Purple
RPR 09024 Amethyst Purple
RPR 09025 Burgundy Wine
RPR 09028 Muddy Brown
RPR 09030 Leather Brown
RPR 09031 Tanned Leather
RPR 09032 Amber Gold
RPR 09033 Golden Blonde
RPR 09034 Muddy Olive
RPR 09035 Olive Green
RPR 09036 Pale Olive
RPR 09037 Pure Black
RPR 09039 Pure White
RPR 09043 Tanned Shadow
RPR 09044 Tanned Skin
RPR 09045 Tanned Highlight
RPR 09046 Fair Shadow
RPR 09047 Fair Skin
RPR 09048 Fair Highlight
RPR 09049 Ancient Bronze
RPR 09050 Antique Gold
RPR 09051 New Gold
RPR 09052 Shadowed Steel
RPR 09053 Honed Steel
RPR 09054 Polished Silver
RPR 09058 Bone Shadow
RPR 09059 Aged Bone
RPR 09060 Polished Bone
RPR 09068 Rosy Skin
RPR 09086 Stone Grey
RPR 09136 Walnut Brown
RPR 09227 Brilliant Green
RPR 09228 Viper Green
RPR 09240 Royal Purple
RPR 09295 Rach Red
RPR 09300 Wash Medium
RPR 09451 Dwarven Gold
RPR 09452 Blade Steel
RPR 09681 Prom-night Pink
RPR 29804 Rusty Red
RPR 29807 Mustard Yellow
RPR 29808 Golden Yellow
RPR 29813 Bright Turquoise
RPR 29818 Nightsky Blue
RPR 29820 Gem Purple
RPR 29821 Sunburn Flesh
RPR 29822 Suntan Flesh
RPR 29826 Desert Tan
RPR 29828 Woodland Brown
RPR 29829 Golden Brown
RPR 29830 Ruddy Brown
RPR 29831 Ashen Brown
RPR 29835 Dirty Grey
RPR 29836 Military Grey
RPR 29838 Stained Olive
RPR 29839 Maroon Red
RPR 29840 Garnet Red
RPR 29842 Solid White
RPR 29845 Gilded Yellow
RPR 29846 Spruce Green
RPR 29852 Dwarven Flesh
RPR 29853 Rosy Pink
RPR 9682 Stark Naked