In Store Restrictions

Due to the rise of COVID cases in Pennsylvania, business have been told to limit in-person occupancy.

For us, this means we are limited to 5 people in the store at any time.

With the holiday season upon us we encourage all our customers to limit the time spent in store, and leave home anyone not involved in making the game decisions. Use our online store to come in with a plan, or even better order curbside.

If you want suggestions or have questions please contact us:
Facebook Page

Someday we will sit around a table again – but this is not that time.

Local Delivery

When you order $20 of stuff before 7PM from our webstore add $5 shipping and one of our staff will make a delivery the following morning. To qualify for delivery you must spend at least $20 and be in one of the following zip codes:


Commander Legends

November 13th to 19th is prerelease week for Commander Legends.

Wizards of the Coast released new tournament software. In an effort to get you to use the Magic Companion App, if you sign up for a draft or sealed event using the app we can give you a participation promo, Sengir, the Dark Baron. Unfortunately, you have to go home to play the event.

Preorders are open
Facebook Page

Someday, we will sit around a table and play again. Stay safe until then!

Online Sale Site

Hello people! I made the decision to shift to a new site for online sales. Currently, we will continue to use our existing site: but no brand new games will appear there. When the new site goes live, we will post here.

If you are interested in any new games free to contact us and we will work something out:, our discord, our Facebook Page, or Twitter.
Someday, we will sit around a table and play again. Stay safe until then!

Zendikar Rising is Coming

September 18th is the prerelease for Zendikar Rising, the latest set for Magic the Gathering. On that day you can get your Booster Boxes and Prerelease packs.

September 25th is Release Day, you can get your Bundles, Collector Packs and Set Boosters.

Preorders are open

Note: Set boosters are so heavily allocated that we will not be offering a box discount. Packs will be $6 each.

Feel free to contact us with reasonable questions:, on our discord site, or on our Facebook Page.

The State of the Store

Since people keep asking how we are doing, here’s the end of July report.

Our doors were open for all of July, and the majority of our sales are now in person again, although we still do a few deliveries every week.

The bad news is for the month of July we were still down over 10%. However, this makes it our best month since the Before Times. The good news is we earned enough to pay all our bills for the month.

More bad news: realistically we do not anticipate having in store events until 2021.

BIG CHANGE for delivery: Based on time it takes to do deliveries, we have changed our fee structure. For locations less than 5 miles we will continue to charge $5. For locations from 5 to 10 miles we have increased the delivery fee to $10.

CHANGE for game rentals: We are going to open up our game rentals again. However, the rental fee will cover 3 days. When the game is returned it will be unavailable for 4 days to air out as a precaution.

Free RPG Day

This Saturday, July 25th, 2020 1:00-7:00 pm

Saturday for Free RPG day this year, we tragically can not run RPGs. Instead you will engage in a series of quests to reap the rewards of this adventure. The quests and rewards are shown below in bold.

When choosing your rewards, you may not duplicate items, each is a unique artifact! Fellow party members, please respect the limited supply, and choose a unique reward. A broad base of expertise is needed to avoid a Total Party Kill!


1) Call to Adventure! Many times, going is the hardest part of the quest. Being here is a great start.
Quest 1) Showing up gets you 1 pick from the loot table.

2) Search for Clues! Join the 7th Dimension Games email list.
We promise we will try to keep emails as relevant as possible. The “interests” limit emails to your area of interest.
Quest 2) Sign up for the email list to earn 1 pick from the loot table.

3) Support your local Merchant Guild! Spend $50.00 at 7th Dimension Games on Free RPG Day
Spend the hoard you just acquired or gear up for your first adventure. We have a wide variety of miniatures, dice, source books, and accessories to improve your game experience
Quest 3) Spend $50 at 7th Dimension Games on Free RPG day to acquire 1 pick from the loot table.

New Hours!

Effective immediately, we are now open 1PM to 7 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

You can come in to shop (try to keep your trips short) or order ahead . When ordering ahead, you can choose to come in to grab and go, or to have us bring it out to you.