Curbside is back!

As of Friday 6/5 we will have the right to do curbside sales. Our doors will be open 2PM-6PM Tuesday-Sunday.

We strongly suggest ordering ahead, your order will be waiting for you. You can step in, grab it from the table and go. If you want to spend store credit, or pay in store, feel free to call or e-mail us to set aside your order, and have it ready to go.

If you would rather get delivery, and are less than 10 miles from the store, place an order before 6 PM and we will deliver it to your door. There is a $5 charge per delivery. For addresses beyond 10 miles, you may choose shipping to have it mailed the next morning.

If you are wondering why you can’t shop, we have a basic problem. To clear the air after a customer comes in we’d need to install exhaust fans which would require a massive renovation of the store.

If you are interested in a custom order, please ask, in an e-mail to, on our discord site, or on our Facebook Page.
Someday, we will sit around a table and play again. Stay safe until then!

The Good, The Bad, and The Future

People have been asking, how we are doing. April was our first month of no in-person sales at all, and it is a rollercoaster.

The Good: Local delivery has meant that a bunch of people have been giving us orders.

The Bad: Our landlord has, so far, not negotiated on our rent as we moved from retail space to a warehouse space.

The Good: We made enough profit on the stuff we sold to pay the rent.

The Bad: We did not make enough profit to also pay the utilities and other inescapable fees of business.

The Good: We sold enough gift cards to cover all those fees.

The Future: Realistically, we will not allow in-store gaming the way that we did until there is a cure for Covid-19, or a treatment available. That means we may not have in-store gaming this year. As things stabilize, we will start curbside pickup and then in store shopping.

What that means is we need to adapt to this new normal of trying to give you what you need to entertain you at home. That means we need to hear from you. We are still in the process of listing all our stuff on our website. If you are interested in something, please ask, either here, in an e-mail to , on our discord site, or on our Facebook Page.

Someday, we will sit around a table and play again. Stay safe until then!

Delivery update

As long as the COVID-19 restrictions are in place, we will be operating as a delivery service.

For locations less than 10 miles from the store: Tuesday thru Sunday, if you place an order before 3 PM, we will hand deliver it to your location on the same day. There is a $5 charge per delivery.

Orders from locations further than 10 miles will be mailed out.

Local Delivery

We are doing an experiment this weekend!

If you are within 10 miles of the store, any order you place for in-stock items before 3PM will be delivered same day.

If this works well, we will continue it for the future.

Our web store

Reaper Paints

To make shipping worthwhile, we are selling 5 packs of Reaper Paint. Shoot us an e-mail at and specify which colors you want before ordering, so we can double check stock.

In stock currently: (last updated 7/19/20)

RPR 09002 Deep Red
RPR 09003 Blood Red
RPR 09004 Fire Red
RPR 09005 Phoenix Red
RPR 09006 Fire Orange
RPR 09007 Marigold Yellow
RPR 09008 Sun Yellow
RPR 09009 Lemon Yellow
RPR 09010 Pine Green
RPR 09011 Leaf Green
RPR 09012 Pale Green
RPR 09016 Sapphire Blue
RPR 09017 True Blue
RPR 09018 Sky Blue
RPR 09019 Midnight Blue
RPR 09020 Twilight Blue
RPR 09021 Snow Shadow
RPR 09022 Nightshade Purple
RPR 09023 Imperial Purple
RPR 09024 Amethyst Purple
RPR 09025 Burgundy Wine
RPR 09028 Muddy Brown
RPR 09030 Leather Brown
RPR 09031 Tanned Leather
RPR 09032 Amber Gold
RPR 09033 Golden Blonde
RPR 09034 Muddy Olive
RPR 09035 Olive Green
RPR 09036 Pale Olive
RPR 09037 Pure Black
RPR 09039 Pure White
RPR 09043 Tanned Shadow
RPR 09044 Tanned Skin
RPR 09045 Tanned Highlight
RPR 09046 Fair Shadow
RPR 09047 Fair Skin
RPR 09048 Fair Highlight
RPR 09049 Ancient Bronze
RPR 09050 Antique Gold
RPR 09051 New Gold
RPR 09052 Shadowed Steel
RPR 09053 Honed Steel
RPR 09054 Polished Silver
RPR 09058 Bone Shadow
RPR 09059 Aged Bone
RPR 09060 Polished Bone
RPR 09068 Rosy Skin
RPR 09086 Stone Grey
RPR 09136 Walnut Brown
RPR 09227 Brilliant Green
RPR 09228 Viper Green
RPR 09240 Royal Purple
RPR 09295 Rach Red
RPR 09300 Wash Medium
RPR 09451 Dwarven Gold
RPR 09452 Blade Steel
RPR 09681 Prom-night Pink
RPR 29804 Rusty Red
RPR 29807 Mustard Yellow
RPR 29808 Golden Yellow
RPR 29813 Bright Turquoise
RPR 29818 Nightsky Blue
RPR 29820 Gem Purple
RPR 29821 Sunburn Flesh
RPR 29822 Suntan Flesh
RPR 29826 Desert Tan
RPR 29828 Woodland Brown
RPR 29829 Golden Brown
RPR 29830 Ruddy Brown
RPR 29831 Ashen Brown
RPR 29835 Dirty Grey
RPR 29836 Military Grey
RPR 29838 Stained Olive
RPR 29839 Maroon Red
RPR 29840 Garnet Red
RPR 29842 Solid White
RPR 29845 Gilded Yellow
RPR 29846 Spruce Green
RPR 29852 Dwarven Flesh
RPR 29853 Rosy Pink
RPR 9682 Stark Naked

In stock Vallejo Paints

To make shipping worthwhile, we are selling 6 packs of Vallejo Paint. Shoot us an e-mail at and specify which colors you want before ordering, so we can double check stock.

PDF with full color chart

Currently in stock (updated 8/14/2020)

VAL 70951 V001 White
VAL 70919 V002 Cold White
VAL 70842 V003 Glossy White
VAL 70820 V004 Offwhite
VAL 70918 V005 Ivory
VAL 70928 V006 Light Flesh
VAL 70917 V008 Beige
VAL 70916 V009 Sand Yellow
VAL 70949 V010 Light Yellow
VAL 70952 V011 Lemon Yellow
VAL 70806 V012 Lazur Yellow
VAL 70858 V013 Ice Yellow
VAL 70915 V014 Deep Yellow
VAL 70953 V015 Flat Yellow
VAL 70948 V016 Golden Yellow
VAL 70815 V017 Flesh Tone
VAL 70955 V018 Flat Flesh
VAL 70927 V019 Dark Flesh
VAL 70845 V020 Sunny Skin Tone
VAL 70860 V021 Medium Flesh Tone
VAL 70911 V022 Light Orange
VAL 70805 V023 German Orange
VAL 70956 V025 Clear Orange
VAL 70817 V026 Scarlet

VAL 70909 V028 Cadmium Red Vermillion
VAL 70947 V029 Red
VAL 70908 V030 Carmine Red
VAL 70957 V031 Flat Red
VAL 70946 V032 Dark Red
VAL 70926 V033 VMC Red
VAL 70814 V034 Cadmium Umber Red
VAL 70859 V035 Black Red
VAL 70804 V036 Beige Red
VAL 70835 V037 Salmon Rose
VAL 70803 V038 Brown Rose
VAL 70944 V039 Old Rose
VAL 70958 V040 Pink
VAL 70802 V047 Sunset Rose
VAL 70945 V042 Magenta
VAL 70812 V043 Violet Red
VAL 70959 V044 Purple
VAL 70810 V045 Royal Purple
VAL 70811 V046 Violet Blue
VAL 70960 V047 Violet
VAL 70898 V048 Dark Sea Blue
VAL 70807 V049 Oxford Blue
VAL 70899 V050 Dark Prussian Blue
VAL 70965 V051 Prussian Blue
VAL 70925 V052 Blue
VAL 70930 V053 Dark Blue
VAL 70809 V054 Royal Blue
VAL 70839 V055 Ultramarine Blue
VAL 70962 V056 Flat Blue
VAL 70963 V057 Medium Blue
VAL 70964 V058 Field Blue
VAL 70900 V059 French Mirage Blue
VAL 70903 V060 Intermediate Blue
VAL 70943 V061 Grey Blue

VAL 70902 V062 Azure
VAL 70901 V063 Pastel Blue
VAL 70906 V064 Pale Blue
VAL 70841 V065 Andrea Blue
VAL 70844 V066 Deep Sky Blue
VAL 70961 V067 Sky Blue
VAL 70966 V069 Turquoise
VAL 70808 V070 Green Blue
VAL 70838 V071 Emerald
VAL 70970 V072 Deep Green
VAL 70969 V073 Park Green Flat
VAL 70891 V074 Intermediate Green
VAL 70942 V075 Light Green
VAL 70974 V076 Green Sky
VAL 70827 V077 Lime Green
VAL 70954 V078 Yellow Green
VAL 70857 V079 Golden Olive
VAL 70833 V080 SS Camouflage Light Green
VAL 70850 V081 Medium Olive
VAL 70967 V082 Olive Green
VAL 70968 V083 Flat Green
VAL 70922 V084 USA Uniform
VAL 70920 V085 German Uniform
VAL 70823 V086 Luftwaffe Camouflage Gree
VAL 70892 V087 Yellow Olive
VAL 70895 V088 Gunship Green
VAL 70975 V089 Military Green JA
VAL 70890 V090 Reflective Green
VAL 70889 V091 US Olive Brown
VAL 70888 V092 Olive Grey
VAL 70887 V093 US Olive Drab
VAL 70924 V094 Russian Uniform
VAL 70893 V095 US Dark Green
VAL 70894 V096 Russian Green
VAL 70979 V097 Camouflage Dark Green No2
VAL 70897 V098 Bronze Green
VAL 70896 V099 Camouflage Extra Dark Gre
VAL 70980 V100 Black Green
VAL 70886 V101 Green Grey
VAL 70830 V102 German WWII Green
VAL 70821 V103 German Camouflage WWII
VAL 70884 V104 Stone Grey
VAL 70816 V105 Luftwaffe WWII German Blu
VAL 70971 V106 Green Grey
VAL 70972 V107 Light Green Blue
VAL 70973 V108 Light Sea Grey
VAL 70885 V109 Pastel Green
VAL 70986 V110 Deck Tan
VAL 70987 V111 Medium Grey
VAL 70881 V112 Yellow Green
VAL 70880 V113 Khaki Grey
VAL 70879 V114 Green Brown
VAL 70988 V115 Khaki
VAL 70978 V116 Dark Yellow
VAL 70923 V117 Japan Uniform
VAL 70914 V119 Green Ochre
VAL 70976 V120 Buff
VAL 70913 V121 Yellow Ochre
VAL 70912 V122 Tan Yellow
VAL 70847 V123 Dark Sand
VAL 70819 V124 Iraquian Sand
VAL 70977 V125 Desert Yellow
VAL 70877 V126 Gold Brown
VAL 70856 V127 Ochre Brown
VAL 70824 V128 Germ. Cam. Orange
VAL 70929 V129 Light Brown
VAL 70829 V130 Amaranth Red
VAL 70981 V131 Orange Brown
VAL 70876 V132 Brown Sand
VAL 70843 V133 Cork Brown
VAL 70874 V134 US Tan-Earth
VAL 70875 V135 Beige Brown
VAL 70818 V136 Red Leather
VAL 70982 V137 Cavalry Brown
VAL 70940 V138 Saddle Brown
VAL 70846 V139 Mahogany Brown
VAL 70984 V140 Flat Brown
VAL 70921 V141 English Uniform
VAL 70873 V142 US Field Drab
VAL 70983 V143 Flat Earth
VAL 70825 V144 SS Camouflage Light
VAL 70826 V145 SS Camouflage Medium
VAL 70985 V146 Hull Red
VAL 70871 V147 Leather Brown
VAL 70941 V148 Burnt Umber
VAL 70872 V149 Chocolate Brown
VAL 70822 V150 SS Camouflage Black
VAL 70993 V151 White Grey
VAL 70883 V152 Silver Grey
VAL 70907 V153 Pale Grey Blue
VAL 70989 V154 Sky Grey
VAL 70990 V155 Light Grey
VAL 70905 V156 Blue Grey
VAL 70904 V157 US Blue Grey Pale
VAL 70870 V158 Medium Sea Grey
VAL 70991 V159 Dark Sea Grey
VAL 70992 V160 Neutral Grey
VAL 70836 V161 London Grey
VAL 70868 V163 Dark Sea Green
VAL 70867 V164 Dark Blue Grey
VAL 70866 V165 Grey Green
VAL 70994 V166 Dark Grey
VAL 70995 V167 German Grey
VAL 70862 V168 Black Grey
VAL 70950 V169 Black
VAL 70861 V170 Glossy Black
VAL 70997 V171 Silver
VAL 70996 V172 Gold
VAL 70878 V173 Old Gold
VAL 70801 V174 Brass
VAL 70998 V175 Bronze
VAL 70999 V176 Copper
VAL 70865 V177 Oily Steel
VAL 70864 V178 Natural Steel

VAL 70863 V179 Gunmetal Grey
VAL 70800 V180 Gunmetal Blue
VAL 70939 V181 Smoke
VAL 70828 V182 Wood Grain
VAL 70834 V183 Natural Wood
VAL 70937 V184 Transparent Yellow
VAL 70934 V186 Transparent Red
VAL 70938 V187 Transparent Blue
VAL 70936 V188 Transparent Green
VAL 70540 V189 Matte Medium
VAL 70470 V190 Gloss Medium
VAL 70521 V191 Metal Medium
VAL 70520 V192 Matte Varnish
VAL 70510 V193 Gloss Varnish
VAL 70522 V194 Satin Varnish
VAL 70596 V195 Glaze Medium
VAL 70597 V196 Slow Dry
VAL 70523 V197 Liquid Mask
VAL 70598 V198 Crackle Medium
VAL 70400 V199 Plastic Putty
VAL 70524 V200 Thinner
VAL 70853 V201 White Glaze
VAL 70832 V202 Verdin Glaze
VAL 70831 V203 Tan Glaze
VAL 70854 V204 Brown Glaze
VAL 70855 V205 Black Glaze
VAL 70730 V206 Yellow Fluid
VAL 70733 V207 Florescent Orange
VAL 70735 V208 Florescent Magenta
VAL 70736 V209 Florescent Blue
VAL 70737 V210 Fluorescent Green

Locked Down

After contacting the state of Pennsylvania, we are halting our curbside service. Our doors are locked, and we will remain that way until further notice.