No Gencon for us

Out in Indianapolis one of the largest gaming conventions, Gencon, has just started. A whole slew of new games will be there.

So we decided that we need to make some space!

Anything in store with a Green or Orange price label is now 20% off until we close on Sunday!

A tale of Two Saturdays

This Saturday, 7/21, we have nothing on the schedule, come down and play whatever all day long.

Next Saturday, 7/28, we will be running the X-Wing Store Championships. Last time we had a full house and didn’t have much table space for anyone during the day. We encourage board gamers to arrive at 5 or 6 before they can expect to get the play space they want.

FNM – Friday Night Magic

Friday the 13th is the release of Magic Core 2019

For Friday Night Magic we will attempt to run 3 events at the same time:
1) Sealed release event for Magic 2019 using extra prerelease boxes.
2) If we have at least 6 people that would rather draft, we will run a Magic 2019 draft
3) Also, Commander

There is no Standard event this week.

X-Wing Store Championships

Saturday, July 28th.
Doors open at 11 AM
Firm registration cut off at 11:45 AM
Dice roll at 12 PM
Event is capped at 20 players with four 75 minute rounds, then a cut to top 4.

Preregistration is now open.

Top 4 players will be receiving a custom playmat.

New players: we encourage you to come fly with us on Thursday nights and to skip this event.

There will be a 100 point squad building limit. Please bring a copy of your list with you.

We will be using Fantasy Flight’s official tournament rules at Formal level, these can always be found on their website.

Players must use the same squad, damage deck, and obstacles for the duration of the tournament.

Magic 2019 events

There are a lot of Magic events in the next few weeks!

1) Magic Open House – June 30th 11AM-5PM you can come out and play. Anyone bringing in, or playing with, a new player gets a Guttersnipe.

2) Prerelease July 7th & 8th we will have 6 prereleases for Magic Core 2018, tickets available now.

3) Magic 2019 Release- Friday July 13th, we’ll give you one more shot at a sealed event for release day.

4) Starting July 16th and lasting 4 weeks will be our Monday night Magic League for Core 2018. Playing 10 games in the League gets you a Reliquary Tower!

Arecibo RPG for a cause

Arecibo is a municipality in Puerto Rico. It is also the title of an RPG module, using Fate Core, where you can play children transmogrified it to otherworldly beings.

On June 30th, the players will take over our backroom to run this event for charity. There will be a livestream of the game for those that can’t physically attend. At this time, all seats have been sold.

You can donate here. During the event, you’ll be able to watch here.