Our upstairs neighbors, Perfect Place, have asked us to stop using their spaces.

Going forward, we ask that you use only 7th Dimension Games space, or after 5 or on weekends, use Pintzuk Brown Realty spaces.

If there are no spaces, across York Rd is a free multi-story parking garage. The entrance is off Rydal Rd (the stoplight closest to the store).


Magic: Dominaria United

Dominaria United

Dominaria United is the next set of Magic the Gathering

We will be running 6 prereleases for Dominaria United September 2-5. For 4 of those releases, each player will get 6 packs of Dominaria United, a rare card from the set which is foil with the date stamped on it, and a spin down die. From those packs they must construct a deck and play in the tournament. These events will be our flat payout of 1 prize pack per round won.

The Saturday afternoon event will be our first Two Headed Giant event since we reopened. A giant is a two player team (both need to buy their own ticket). Each giant gets 2 prerelease packs to build a deck for each head. This will be a 3 round event. Everyone gets a prize pack, and 1 additional prize pack per player per round won

Sign up is $35 per player per event.

  • Friday 7PM – This event will sell out in advance
  • Saturday 9AM – doors open at 8:30
  • Saturday Two Headed Giant at 2PM
  • Sunday 12 PM
  • Sunday 5 PM

Monday the 5th we will be running casual Jumpstart events all day from noon to 9. Players show up and buy 2 packs of Jumpstart and play each other. One Set Booster will be awarded to the player that wins their match.

Tickets for the events on sale now.

Note: Unfortunately, Wizards has raised all prices for sealed Magic Product. Our presale prices for booster boxes reflect that price.

Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day logo

On Saturday,June 25th, we will be running Free RPG Day. Anyone that comes in, can take one free basic item from the official kit. You can get additional free items for each $20 you spend.

Magic for Joey

Magic for Joey
Join us for a weekend of Magic for Joey
Benefit Draft Tournament featuring Streets of New Capenna

Sunday, June 5th
Seating limited to 24, proof of vaccination required

100% of proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Minimum donation is $40 which includes lunch, cards and prizes.
Also a silent auction will be held.

Preregister now or in store.

Doors open and lunch starts at noon, the draft starts at 1.

Envoy teaches Decorum

Picture of the boardgame Decorum

This Saturday, 5/14, in the evening we will have someone here teaching the new game of “passive aggressive cohabitation” called Decorum.

Stop by for our regular Saturday night event and learn a new game.

Magic Game Day

Promo cards

This Sunday, 5/15, at 1 PM we will be running Magic Game Day.

It will be our usual draft, but extra promos.

All participants will receive Power Word Kill, top 8 will receive Skyclave Apparition, and undefeated will receive All-Seeing Arbiter.

Note: Save June 5th for our first charity event, Magic for Joey

Magic Prerelease

The next set of Magic is The Streets of New Capenna with prereleases on April 22-24.

The Streets of New Capenna

Big things to remember:
We will only be seating people that have shown us proof of vaccination.
We are capping all events at 20 players, and several of the events will sell out.

For all of the events, you will get a box containing:

  • 6 New Capenna Draft Boosters
  • 1 foil-stamped R/M card from New Capenna
  • 1 deck box
  • 1 Spindown life counter

Players will then build 40 card decks and compete.

Wizards of the Coast has created a Magic Companion App that can be downloaded to your smart phone. If you could take the time to download the app and preregister with the event code, it would save both of us time.

All 5 events will be our usual 4 round events, 1 prize pack (a Set Booster) per round won.

  • Friday, the 22th, 7 PM
  • Saturday, the 23th, 9AM
  • Saturday, the 23th, 2PM
  • Sunday, the 24th, 12PM
  • Sunday, the 24th, 5PM

Please reserve your seats now!

Last note, presales for Set and Draft boxes are available now.

Our Discord

Magic Double Feature Draft

This Friday releases Double Feature. This Sunday, we will be drafting it.
Each booster contains 15 cards:

  • 4x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt commons
  • 4x Innistrad: Crimson Vow commons
  • 2x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt uncommons
  • 2x Innistrad: Crimson Vow uncommons
  • 1x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt rare or mythic rare
  • 1x Innistrad: Crimson Vow rare or mythic rare
  • 1x Silver screen foil card

Each Draft Booster contains two non-foil double-faced cards, one from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and one from Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

This Sunday, at 1 PM, we will be doing a Double Feature Draft. We will include a special rule – first pick gets 2 cards. The draft will be $40.

Tickets available now.